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What model is the stainless steel grating G4053050WFG

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce the stainless steel grating G405/30/50WFG what model is it

Prevent galvanized grating Rust: The first is to clean the grid before galvanizing (after pickling); the second is that the thickness of the galvanized layer must meet the quality standard; the third is to be careful not to damage the galvanized layer during the use of the galvanized grid There are two forms of damage to the galvanized layer, mechanical damage and corrosion, so the galvanized grating should not be mechanically damaged and corroded.

What type of stainless steel grating is G405/30/50WFG

galvanized grid with a distance of 40mm from flat steel The grid plate is the most economical and convenient type. It is the most ideal choice in the case of small span.

What model is the stainless steel grating G405/30/50WFG?

Specification: diameter is 4mm--10mm, The commonly used specifications of steel grating are 6*6mm and 5*5mm, which are drawn and twisted by the disk elements with diameters of 8mm and 6.5mm respectively.

The best and most commonly used hot-dip galvanizing is the hot-dip galvanizing, followed by spray painting, and the rest are usually not used due to poor anti-corrosion effect.

The above is the relevant introduction about what type of stainless steel grating G405/30/50WFG is, I hope it will help you to buy stainless steel grating.

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