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What are the raw materials of the toothed grid plate

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

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The grid plate is pressed by the load flat steel and the cross bar A grid is formed by arranging a certain distance in warp and weft. The warp direction is the load flat steel, that is, the length direction of the grid plate; the weft direction is the horizontal bar, that is, the width direction of the grid plate. Hope you can choose the grid plate that is suitable for your use.

What are the raw materials of the toothed grid plate

It is the price of the factory, basically the thickness of the galvanized layer is large , the correspondingly higher price, but not very high. Through more manufacturers, if the price is too high, it must be fake or substandard quality. Our factory can customize according to customer requirements.

What are the raw materials of the toothed grating plate

The adaptability of the grating plate is very strong, because the steel is a kind of It is a reusable construction raw material, so it can be modified according to different use environments. For example, you can choose flat steel with a different standard than the carrier flat steel for edging, or use angle steel and channel steel to wrap the edge. For hemming, this can be decided according to the different needs of the customer and the specific amount of money they want to invest.

Stainless steel grating surface treatment: The surface treatment of this grating plate is mainly polished to remove the welding slag, traces and welding wires left by welding. object, so that the appearance of the grille plate is more beautiful.

The above is the relevant introduction about the raw materials of the toothed grid plate, I hope it will help you to buy the toothed grid plate.

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