Steel Grating

What are the common specifications of the welding grid plate

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce the common specifications of plug welded gratings

From the point of view of strength, FRP gratings The hardness is ten times that of polyvinyl chloride, which greatly exceeds the strength of aluminum, and achieves the effect of ordinary steel.

What are the common specifications of plug-in grating plates

Series 3 (pitch 60mm) grating plates are specially designed for A variety developed for the application of the mining industry, it solves the problem of mineral splashing on the board. This series of gratings has a nominal size of 50*60mm, which allows most of the splashing material to pass through, thus ensuring the clean and safe surface of the board. This product is often specified for the board surface in the crushing system. , the aisle on the conveyor line and the ball mill, the processing plant and the operation station, etc.

What are the common specifications of plug welded gratings

, the quality and requirements after galvanizing should conform to GB/T13912 rule. It can be sprayed, brushed or dipped according to the special needs of the user. The plug-in grating is usually made of low-carbon steel as the main raw material, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized, which can avoid oxidation

Carbon steel is characterized by high strength, Light weight, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability, so it is especially suitable for the construction of large-span and super-high, super-heavy buildings;

The above is about the welding grid What are the common specifications of the board, I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase the welding grid plate.

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