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How to express the specifications and models of electric welded gratings

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you how to express the specifications and models of electric welded gratings

It is a serious problem that the quality of the grating does not meet the requirements for use The consequences are obvious: the poor quality of the grille often causes the relevant personnel within the grille enterprise to spend a lot of time and energy to deal with it, which will increase a lot of management costs. The poor quality of the grille often spends extra time and energy on re-inspection and selection, resulting in an increase in inspection costs; the poor quality of the grille leads to an increase in rework of the production line, reducing product quality and production efficiency; resulting in delayed production plans, Failure to deliver to customers on the promised time will reduce the customer's trust in the company; if the quality of the grille is poor and the customer returns it, it may cause the grille company to suffer various losses, and even lose customers in serious cases.

How to express the specification and model of electric welded grating

At present, the application of galvanized grating has been widely used in various industries It is recognized that the board can be used for installation and use in facilities such as ladder treads, passages and railways after installation and fixing, and the board can also be made into protective measures such as highway guardrails to provide convenient conditions for people's safe travel. When purchasing plates, you should pay attention to the selection of products with suitable specifications and sizes in combination with the needs of use. When choosing plates, you should also pay attention to the center distance and crossbar distance of the plates, which directly affect the installation and use of the plates.

How to indicate the specification and model of electric welding grating plate

The surface of the grating plate produced by our factory is not easy to adhere to stains, Even if there is dirt, it only needs to be flushed with water and it will flow into the sewer, and it will be as bright as new after flushing.

Each piece of steel grating is installed, it is necessary to install fasteners (the installation clips used for each steel grating shall not be less than 2) or be welded firmly, install one piece to fix the other , There is no fixed prohibition of standing people, and it is not allowed to remove temporary protection measures.

The above is the relevant introduction on how to express the specifications and models of the electric welding grating, I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase the electric welding grating.

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