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How much is a ton of stainless steel grating

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you how much stainless steel grating is per ton.

Heavy-duty grating is affected by high flat steel and The flat bars of the cross bar are interlocked with each other and pressed and formed under the pressure of 1200 tons. It is suitable for occasions with high span and high load.

How much is a ton of stainless steel grating

The weight calculation and area calculation of galvanized steel grating are in the product In the quotation, the weight of the material used for the galvanized steel grating directly affects his quotation, so if you want to figure out the quotation, you must figure out how the weight of the product is calculated, and then you can calculate the quotation of the product!

How much is a ton of stainless steel grating

However, the appearance of welded grating is different from that of another grating The panel is not very beautiful. Now many people use the grille to play a decorative role. Therefore, in this case, it is best to use the plug-in grille for installation, because of its appearance. Relatively more beautiful, it can be said that the decorative effect in the later stage is better than that of welding, which is why many families or exhibitions will use the grid plate of the plug-in structure.

There are two ways to fix the grid plate: one is to use welding and the other is to fasten it with mounting clips. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of welding is that it is permanently fixed and will not loosen. The advantage of installation is that it will not damage the galvanized layer, and it is easy to disassemble. The safest thing is to not need to lower the clip, that is, to directly weld the screws on the beam, so that it will not loosen from the forehead of the beam and slip off.

The above is the relevant introduction about one ton of stainless steel grating, I hope it will help you to buy stainless steel grating.

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