Steel Grating

Where is the welded grid plate

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce you to the electric welding grid plate

Integral plug-in grid plateIntegral plug-in grid The bearing flat steel of the plate and the cross bar flat steel have the same height, and the groove depth is 1/2 of the bearing flat steel. The height of the grid plate is not more than 100mm. The length of the grid plate is usually less than 2000mm.

Where is the welded grating plate

The galvanized steel plate is welded by flat steel with a width of 65mm—200mm and a thickness of 5mm—20mm. Zinc grating is a rear heavy-duty galvanized grating. It is suitable for large freight yards, docks, coal mine road bridges, etc., and can carry large trucks.

Where is the welded grating plate

Twist steel bar material: Q235 carbon steel


Strong extensibility and plastic deformation ability, excellent seismic and wind resistance, greatly improved safety and reliability. In particular, in the event of an earthquake or typhoon disaster, collapse damage to buildings can be avoided.

The above is the relevant introduction about where there are electric welding gratings, I hope it will help you to buy electric welding gratings.

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