Steel Grating

What is the width of the toothed grille?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you the general width of the toothed grille?

The grid plate is not properly treated for the oxide layer. Before galvanizing, the grating needs to be vulcanized or pickled, but now the price of grating is very competitive. In order to save costs, manufacturers will omit pickling or vulcanization.

What is the general width of the toothed grille?

The galvanized grating plate with the flat steel distance of 60mm and the horizontal bar of 50mm is suitable for the mining industry to deal with the problem of mineral deposits splashing on the plate surface, and is often designated for mining Industrial processing plants

What is the general width of the toothed grille?

The backfill is cohesive soil. It is ideal to lay 3-5 cm of yellow sand on the geotextile, which is conducive to the water filtration of the geotextile; if the backfill is a Planting nutrient soil or light soil does not need to lay a layer of yellow sand, the soil itself is very loose and easy to filter water.

Nowadays, urban greening projects often use tree pond cover, which can not only protect trees, but also beautify the environment. In addition, the tree pond cover can be arbitrarily colored, easy to install, maintain, and identify. It is an ideal choice for gardening departments, factory greening, street beautification, and landscaping. The color of the tree pond cover is made of colorants and polyesters that are compatible with polyester, so its color is not superficial, so that it maintains a long-lasting color.

The above is about the general width of the toothed grille bars? The related introduction, I hope it will help you to buy the toothed grille.

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