Steel Grating

Some basic introduction to the standard of toothed grid plate

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce some basic introductions to the standard of toothed grid plate

Finally, users need to purchase their own The quantity is determined, because different purchase quantities will often directly affect the final quotation, and the purchase quantity will also determine the length of the entire processing time. Many projects also have regulations on the use time of products, in order to avoid affecting The entire project is used, so the purchase quantity and delivery time also need to be determined by both parties.

Some basic introduction to the standard of toothed grid plate

The construction of grid plate is deformed and twisted due to various accidents , depression, etc., resulting in weakening of the section of the member, warping of the rod, cracking of the connection, etc.;

The adhesion and hardness of the zinc layer are better. The weight of steel grating products is increased after galvanizing. The amount of zinc we often talk about is mainly about hot-dip galvanizing.

According to the different relative directions and positions of building grid products and buildings, its basic forms can be divided into 1. Horizontal, 2. Vertical, 3. Comprehensive grid , 4. Baffle type, 5. Louver type, according to its working mode, the building exterior sunshade grille can be divided into fixed sunshade grille and movable sunshade grille.

The above is the introduction of some basic introductions about the standard of the toothed grille, I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase the toothed grille.

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