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What is the use of stainless steel grating

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you what is the use of stainless steel grating?

If you are an experienced acquirer, it can be easily distinguished, it is determined by the following formula: quotation < material + hot dip galvanized + freight + tax point the enterprise is for The purpose of the surplus, but from the formula will find that this quotation will make the company lose money, so this quotation is not normal, and the product quality will also have problems, such as: the thickness of the steel plate changes thin, hot-dip galvanized steel grating vs. electro-galvanized steel The quality of grille plates, etc. is inconsistent.

What is the use of stainless steel grating?

Because the anti-corrosion performance is relatively strong, it means that there is no need to spend extra costs for other maintenance work such as rust removal and cleaning, and all you have to do is cleaning It is only the floating dust on the surface, so from the perspective of later maintenance, the grid plate with thicker galvanized layer still has great advantages.

What is the use of stainless steel grating?

We first classify according to the surface treatment of the grid; the surface of the grid is hot-dip galvanized, which is called hot-dip galvanized grid, also called hot-dip galvanized grid. Zinc grating, hot-dip galvanized grating has a strong anti-corrosion effect, and its service life can reach more than 20 years. It is the most commonly used product by buyers; if cold galvanizing is used as the surface treatment method, it is called cold galvanizing. The cost of cold galvanizing is lower than that of hot-dip galvanizing, but because the zinc layer is easy to fall off, it will rust in a short time, so it is used less; Plate, its service life is similar to that of cold galvanized plate, and it is used less. We call it black plate without any treatment after welding, which is very easy to rust. Generally, we do not recommend it.

The packaging of the grille is also very particular. The grille is generally four in one, and it is generally bulk-packed. Its purpose is also to facilitate customers. Welded junctions also need to be maintained, we can fix them, save material, and be durable enough to satisfy customers. Try to keep the grille plate from being damaged during road transportation. Minimize losses and no breakage.

What is the use of stainless steel grille? I hope it will be helpful for you to buy stainless steel grating.

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