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What does plug welding grid plate G3234050 mean?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce the meaning of plug-in grid plate G323/40/50

The 30mm spacing series plug-in grid plate is the most commonly used type, and it is used in various Products in the industrial field, the center distance of the loaded flat steel of this series of gratings is 30mm, which conforms to the American standard and has the strongest resistance to surface impact in the entire grating series. It is widely used in refining Plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants, granaries, chemical plants, highways, airports and wharf platforms, walkways and gutter covers, stair steps, etc. Among them, the toothed grille can be used in wet and greasy places, especially for offshore oil production Platform.

What does the G323/40/50 plug-in welding grid plate mean

The welding technology used in the product is also very advanced, generally using pressure welding, or There are two welding methods of arc welding, no matter which welding method is used, the welding effect is very ideal.

What does G323/40/50 mean by plug welding grating plate

The grating plate is generally made of carbon steel, and then hot-dip galvanized on its surface The main function of hot-dip galvanizing treatment is to prevent oxidation on the surface of the grid, which can effectively prolong the service life and aesthetics of the grid.

T4 treads combine the advantages of T2 treadmill bolt installation and T3 treadle's beauty and safety advantages. It can be installed with bolts, which is easy to disassemble and assemble; it is also welded with checkered plate corner guards.

The above is the relevant introduction about the meaning of the plug-in grid plate G323/40/50. I hope to buy it for you. Socket welding grating helps.

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