Steel Grating

How to pack electric welded grille products

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you how to pack the electric welding grating products?

Vertical bars are usually flat steel or labyrinth instead of 10mm or 12mm steel bars. The heavy load steel grating does not refer to the steel grating with the thickness of the unloaded flat steel below 65mm and the thickness of the unloaded flat steel below 6mm.

How to package the products of electric welding grating?

Series 3 (spacing 60mm) grating plate is specially developed for the application of mining industry, it solves the problem of mineral splashing on the plate surface. This series of gratings has a nominal size of 50*60mm, which allows most of the splashing material to pass through, thus ensuring the clean and safe surface of the board. This product is often specified for the board surface in the crushing system. , the aisle on the conveyor line and the ball mill, the processing plant and the operation station, etc.

How to package the products of electric welding grating?

The plate is welded into a steel product with a square grid in the middle. It is mainly used for ditch cover, steel structure platform plate, tread plate of steel ladder, etc. The cross bar is generally made of twisted square steel.

Once the steel grating is finished, the assembly process is basically completed. Whether it is company procurement or personal needs, basically one or two people can construct normally. Compared with stone The fence is much lighter in weight, and adults do not need too much physical strength to carry it as required. The installation procedure is simple and basically does not require extensive experience.

The above is about how to pack the electric welding grille products? The relevant introduction, I hope it will help you to buy electric welding grid plate.

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