Steel Grating

Where to do the welding grid plate well

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you where the welding grid plate is well done

Improper use. During the installation of galvanized grating, the galvanized layer was seriously damaged by workers, or the machine was damaged. Galvanized gratings are subject to rust.

Where is the welding grid plate well done

Welded from flat steel with a width of 65mm—200mm and a thickness of 5mm—20mm The formed galvanized grating is a rear heavy-duty galvanized grating. It is suitable for large freight yards, docks, coal mine road bridges, etc., and can carry large trucks.

Where is the welding grid plate well done

Generally speaking, in the spray booth, the ground must be It is composed of grid plates, which are also called floor nets in the spray booth. Generally speaking, they are made of 30MM*4MM carbon steel materials. From the appearance point of view, this flat grid is The middle of the steel floor is made of high-strength round steel as the tie bar. The overall appearance is very beautiful and generous, and it also has good corrosion resistance, mainly because the surface of the grille is generally hot-dip galvanized. The zinc anti-corrosion treatment can ensure that the grille will not rust and discolor in many harsh environments, which means that its service life will be relatively long.

Steel grating classification: According to the material, steel grating is divided into low carbon steel grating and stainless steel grating.

The above is the relevant introduction about where the welding grid plate is well done, I hope it will help you to buy the welding grid plate.

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