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How to choose electric welding grid plate

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you how to choose the electric welding grating

When cooling, the material shrinkage in the welding area is affected by the temperature field of the surrounding area The uneven effect leads to uneven shrinkage deformation, tensile residual stress in the welded area, and compressive residual stress in the adjacent area. Stainless grid plate welding is very sensitive to the input of heat sources. Reasonable control of the energy input of the heat source is of great significance to the quality of the grid plate weldments. A larger input of heat source energy will result in a larger shrinkage deformation. Conversely, a smaller heat source energy input will result in smaller shrinkage deformation. Therefore, the input heat source is selected as small as possible while ensuring good weld formation.

How to choose electric welded grating

Buy in hot-dip galvanized steel grating factory, touch steel grating The thickness of the galvanized steel sheet, the coating thickness is thinner, the thickness is 10um, and the coating thickness of the galvanized steel sheet reaches more than 70um.

How to choose electric welding grating

The grating must not only be used for transportation or stepping on the feet, There must be other connection spaces under the grid plate. In order to better reach the space you want to go through the grid plate, you can weld some convenient handles or hinges at the fixed grid plate position to facilitate the up and down of relevant personnel. It is also very convenient to make a grid plate that can move freely at the same time. It can be customized with the manufacturer of the grid plate.

The guardrail made of grating plate and steel structure has the advantages of being strong and durable, magnificent, gentle and elegant, and unique. This novel and unique guardrail structure is suitable for Wherever it is needed, such as boilers, power plants, shipbuilding, metallurgy, petrochemicals, municipal construction and other industries, it has a wide range of industrial platforms, stairs, working walkways, fire passages, bridges, water supply and drainage treatment systems, school sports facilities, docks and other places. the use of. Then let our manufacturer introduce to you in detail the advantages of making the grille as a guardrail.

The above is the relevant introduction about how to choose the electric welding grating, I hope it will be helpful for you to buy the electric welding grating.

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