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Which welding grid plate is of good quality

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce the quality of the electric welded grating for you

The roughness of the welded plate of the stainless steel grating And the influence of thickness: The surface roughness and defects of the welded plate will cause the critical instability deformation of stainless steel grating welding to a certain extent. For sheets with non-uniformity problems, when the residual stress increases, the deflection of the sheet increases relatively slowly at the initial stage; however, when the residual stress generated by welding exceeds a certain value, the deflection of the sheet increases relatively quickly.

Which one is the best quality electric welded grating

The steel grating is deformed, twisted and dented due to various accidents etc., resulting in weakening of the section of the member, warping of the rod, cracking of the connection, etc.;

Which one has the best quality of the welded grating

< We first classify the grid according to the surface treatment of the grid; the surface of the grid is hot-dip galvanized, called hot-dip galvanized grid, also called hot-dip galvanized grid, hot-dip galvanized grid has Strong anti-corrosion effect, the service life can reach more than 20 years, it is the most commonly used product by buyers; if cold galvanizing is used as the surface treatment method, it is called cold galvanized grating, and the cost of cold galvanizing is higher than that of hot galvanizing. Low, but because the zinc layer is easy to fall off, rust and other conditions will occur in a short time, and it is used less; and the surface is sanded and painted, called spray-painted grating, and its service life is similar to that of cold galvanized. , It is also used less. We call it black flakes without any treatment after welding, which is very easy to rust. Generally, we do not recommend it.

This type of pedal is the most widely used in pedal varieties. The front-end welded checkered plate corner guards play the role of beautiful, anti-skid and wear-resistant. Welding is adopted for installation, which is simple and time-saving. This kind of pedal is used

The above is the relevant introduction about which electric welding grating is of good quality, I hope it will help you to buy electric welding grating.

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