Steel Grating

Precautions for installation of plug-in grille

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

The plug-in grating is a kind of steel handicraft which is made of flat steel according to a certain interval and horizontal bars, and is welded into a steel craft with a square grid in the middle. The horizontal bars are generally made of twisted square steel pipes, with Natural ventilation, light, heat pipe cooling, anti-skid ground, explosion-proof and other characteristics, are widely used in petrochemical equipment, power engineering, wastewater treatment, port logistics, engineering building decoration and other industries. So what must people pay attention to in the installation of plug-in steel grating? 1. Before the installation of the plug-in grille, the installation sequence shall be clarified, and the installation shall be performed in sequence according to the serial number of the engineering drawings. 2. One piece of galvanized grating must be fixed and the other must be fixed. It is forbidden to stand on the unfixed steel grating when working at high altitudes. 3. When installing the plug-in steel grating, it is necessary to clarify the orientation of the flat steel and the bearing orientation. The installation process must be paved from the steel ladder structure on the first floor to the surrounding. 4. It is required that each piece of galvanized grating must be equipped with at least 2 sets of mounting clips. After the welding is fixed and completed, the contact of the welding points must be solved by spraying to avoid corrosion. 5. When working at high altitudes, the installer should pay attention to safety and take protective measures. 6. Before the installation of the plug-in grating, the construction drawing design should be integrated to carry out the engineering acceptance of the steel grating. If the engineering acceptance fails, the funds cannot be invested in the application of the engineering project. 7. It is forbidden to plug in the grid plate for high-altitude operation and installation staff with small and medium-sized special tools and spare parts in the bag to prevent death from falling. The steel grating plate is welded to the fixed steel grating plate by electric welding, and it is immediately welded to the main beam of the ladder. There is no need to add the baffle plate of the steel grating plate. It is relatively economical and durable, but it is not easy to disassemble. The anchor bolts are fixed. The two sides of the stationary steel grating must be thickened with thick baffles, punch holes in the baffles, and the installation is immediately fixed by anchor bolts, which can be purchased and used repeatedly.

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