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Where is the toothed grille plate well done?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you where the toothed grille is well done

Finally, users need to purchase their own quantity To be determined, because different purchase quantities often directly affect the final quotation, and the purchase quantity will also determine the length of the entire processing time. Many projects also have regulations on the use time of products, in order to avoid affecting the entire process. Engineering use, so the purchase quantity and delivery time also need to be determined by both parties.

Where is the toothed grating well done

Galvanized steel grating surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized, Cold galvanized, spray painted, and some are not treated. According to the application of the grille, we can see that it is mainly used in places with harsh environments, so generally more hot-dip galvanizing is used. If the customer only says yes Galvanized grating.

Where is the toothed grating well done

The welding of the grating is good Certain standards, such as welding one for every five, or welding one for every four, welding one for the third, etc., the welding seam to be done is a single-sided corner welding of not less than 3MM, and the length of the welded seam should also be It is more appropriate to keep it around 20MM.

In summary, when choosing a grid plate, you should have an understanding of the raw materials of the product. Not only that, but a finished product comparison should be done, a high-quality product that is not only bright in color, but also has good transparency, good surface finish, and a longer lifespan. In addition, from the comparison of product application time, a high-quality product will not be damaged in a large area even if it is used for more than ten years. Not only that, the color will remain quite good, and there is no problem of fading. In short, when selecting products, a comprehensive comparison should be made, and products with better quality and longer use time should be selected as far as possible.

The above is the relevant introduction about where the toothed grille is well done, I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase the toothed grille.

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