Steel Grating

What does the grid plate w stand for?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you what the grid plate w stands for

g/cm3, also known as 18/8 stainless steel in the industry . High temperature resistance of 800 degrees, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; good hot workability such as stamping and bending, good processing performance, high toughness, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon (use temperature -196 ℃ ~800°C). It is widely used to make equipment and parts that require good overall performance (corrosion resistance and formability). In order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the steel must contain more than 18% chromium and more than 8% nickel. For 304 stainless steel, the ni element in its composition is very important, which directly determines the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel and its value.

What does the grid plate w stand for?

The hot-dip galvanized and cold-galvanized grids are viewed from the exterior color , the customer is difficult to see at once. Since cold galvanizing is a zinc salt solution through electrolysis, it can be coated on steel grating without heating, and the amount of zinc on the surface is very small. Some wet environments will simply fall off. Through the good anti-corrosion function of the galvanized grating we said, it is through hot-dip galvanizing treatment. Hot-dip galvanizing not only adds zinc but also some auxiliary elements to make the grating have the best anti-corrosion effect.

What does the grid plate w represent

Now the application of the grid plate has played an essential role Among them, the common drain cover in life is the most common.

Secondly, the grid plate will be deformed if no protective measures are taken during the transportation process. Therefore, we should pay attention to be careful when moving and transporting the grid plate. At the same time, it is processed according to its specific deformation situation. If there is deformation at the edge of the grille, we can use a hammer to correct the deformation. If there is deformation in the middle of the grid plate or in a large area, we can place it on a flat ground, and then hit it with a hammer to make it flat.

The above is the relevant introduction about what the plug-in grille w represents, I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase the plug-in grille.

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