Steel Grating

What does the plug welding grid plate G25530100S mean?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce to you the meaning of plug welding grid plate G255/30/100S

The purchase process of grid plate What principles should be followed and what details should be paid attention to in order to maximize the purchase efficiency of grid plates? That is, to buy back the required quantity of products from the appropriate grid plate suppliers at the right time and at the right price.

What does the G255/30/100S plug welded grating mean?

Galvanized grating is a kind of Energy-saving, environmentally friendly and recyclable steel components meet the requirements of developing energy-saving economy and sustainable and healthy development; they can play their own advantages in high-rise buildings, large factories, large-span spatial structures, transportation energy projects, and aerial work platforms.

What is the meaning of plug welding grating plate G255/30/100S?

When the grating plate drainage plate is laid Lay the next 1-2 fulcrums from side to side to the right. You can also align the two bottom plates, and use geotextiles to overlap them. As long as no soil enters the drainage channel of the drainage board, it is enough to keep the drainage smooth.

The guardrail made of grid plate is also called grid plate fence. It is a new type of ball joint railing structure. The advantages of firmness and durability make it widely concerned in the guardrail industry.

The above is the relevant introduction about the meaning of the plug-in grid plate G255/30/100S, I hope it will be helpful for you to buy the plug-in grid plate.

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