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What is the reason for the shortage of electric welded grating in stock?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce the reason why the electric welding grid plate is less in stock

When cooling, the material shrinkage in the welding area is affected by The influence of the uneven temperature field in the surrounding area leads to uneven shrinkage deformation, tensile residual stress in the welding area, and compressive residual stress in the adjacent area. Stainless grid plate welding is very sensitive to the input of heat sources. Reasonable control of the energy input of the heat source is of great significance to the quality of the grid plate weldments. A larger input of heat source energy will result in a larger shrinkage deformation. Conversely, a smaller heat source energy input will result in smaller shrinkage deformation. Therefore, the input heat source is selected as small as possible while ensuring good weld formation.

What is the reason for the shortage of electric welded grating in stock?

Galvanized grating and grating without galvanizing The huge difference between the plate in real life directly affects its use value. Many people know more about grid products, but not much about galvanized plates. In fact, this kind of plate is anti-corrosion treatment on the basis of the grid plate, and this kind of plate is called galvanized grid plate. After the anti-corrosion treatment, the performance of the board is improved, and it will not be affected by corrosive substances after installation, and can maintain a stable working state. At present, the processing methods of this kind of sheet are mainly divided into two types, one is the hot-dip galvanizing process and the other is the cold-dipping process.

What is the reason for the low availability of electric welded gratings?

Its features: high strength, light structure: strong The grid pressure welding structure makes it have the characteristics of high bearing capacity, light structure and easy hoisting; beautiful appearance and durable use: hot-dip galvanized surface treatment makes it have good anti-corrosion ability and beautiful surface gloss; ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, Good explosion-proof, anti-skid performance; anti-accumulation of dirt.

The steel grating shall be checked and accepted according to the drawings/design requirements before installation. Those that fail the inspection shall not be used in this project. The installation sequence must be determined and installed in sequence according to the number of the drawings .

The above is the relevant introduction about the reasons for the shortage of electric welded gratings in stock. I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase electric welded gratings.

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